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Jason Harris, Trumpet Player & Music Educator

Jason Harris is a St. Louis based Trumpet Player and Music Educator with 20 years of professional experience.  He performs regularly in a variety of settings; including weddings, church services, party bands, big bands, brass quintets, orchestras, brass brands, operas, & musicals.  

Jason Harris - Trumpet Player & Music Educator Jason performing the Haydn Trumpet Concerto with with Metropolitan Orchestra of St. Louis Jason performing with The ‘X’ Band.Mr. Harris directing the Maplewood Richmond Heights HS Jazz Band.Jason Harris, Band Director for Maplewood Richmond Heights School District Jason Harris performing with Downtime.The ‘X’ Band Jason Harris - Band Director, Maplewood Richmond Heights School District Downtime Horn Section - Jason Harris & Aaron Lehde Jason performing with Push the Limit.
                                        “There is no substitute for hard work. Worthwhile results come from hard work and careful planning.” - John Wooden
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